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Read the composed poems of the beautiful and ever sexy students of 2 Bl. Peter Faber...


the gay
there was a gay found naked in Spain
they said his name was Kitts Berlaine
he hid in the bushes
which led him to bruises
and was like a porcupine in pain
mia pablo

my idol
i have an idol at school
he's so handsome and yet so cool
whenever i see him pass by me
i'm like my dreams have come to reality
he's so cute and nice
and he's the perfect one if you need an advice
a lot of girls go crazy over him
i am too but is this only a dream?
until one day he approached me,
and asked if i could be his lady
i want to hug him as tight as i can
but i know that he can never be my man
i'm often caught by my stolen glance
and he asked me again if he had a chance
i was speechles and did not know what to say
boy, was he sad and was so in dismay
i can't answer back 'coz i have no guts
and sure it was the right thing though it sucks
but there's one thing that will remain undeniable
that whatever happens he will always be my idol
michelle renee p .veloso

thank you
i want to wake her and say thank you
thank you for knowing me
i want to wake her and say thank you
thank for understanding me
i want to wake her and say thank you
thank you for making me so happy
but there she sleeps so quiet and peaceful
i'll just kiss her softly and
thank her tomorrow
today is a new day
i was given this day by God to use as i please
i can waste it or use it productively
because i am exchanging a day of my life for it
whatever i do today is very important
when tomorrow comes
this day will be gone forever
in its place will be whatever i have exchanged for it
will it be, gain or loss?
sucess or failure?
redeeming or demeaning?
beneficial or useless
whatever it is the choice is mine alone to make
and the price that i will have paid for it is
one day of my life
tall and responsible
acting very strange as jolly and funny as possible
giving his best for someone very lovable
how can i be like him as a best friend
that is very responsible
mikhail angelo f. bautista

before summer ends
you makes me live
whatever this world can give...
it's you, you're all i see
you're all i see
i feel my heart tremble
whenever you're near
i know my emotions are something i just can't explain
but i got to have you
i a was dreaming of you one day
filling my emptiness...
suddenly you slowly pass by
and my heart beat so fast
along with sunshine
is a bright day
summer is near and i gotta say goodbye
but i promise i will always think of you...
dear someone,        
        god has given me blessings and one of that is you
        of all the people i see
        of all the the days, all i think is you
        day and night i dream of you
        but this is not yet the time to be with you
        you stand there no more so i say goodbye to thee
        eternal hapiness is what i ask before you pass by.
jyleen jyle mari t. pielago

Sincere and sweet, a girl of mysterious personality
Hovering over her would make you come out happily
Active, alert and adorable
You canoot easily identify
Needing more love, care and support but
Everyone can have it from here
Erika Shayne Correos 

breathe freedom
sweet melodies of life
awakens my soul
it dances with grace
and flies with freedom
i let go of my doubts
and it relieves my spirit
i once more rejoice
for my fears devours me, no more
hymns of joy
overwhelms my heart
with warm smiles of people
touched by the dncing fireflies
the wild breeze
brushes with freedom
runs with free-spirits
and freed me from chains
as we line on
morning snows our tomorrow
sunshine embraces me
and breaths life to my dreams
mimi demetrio

TO the Boy:


Love is a word with many meanings

So when I say “I Love You,”

I want you to understand exactly what I mean…

I don’t say “I love you”

Expecting something in return

Or just to make you fell better

I say it do that you know

That no matter what else happens

In your life,

There is at least one thing

That you can count on:

 Me loving you

I’ll be there to

Hold your hand in hard times,

Calm you in distressed times,

And offer my help even when

Your pride may keep you

From asking for it

My love is unconditional

And it will always be there

Even when everything else

Seems lost

And there is no hope in sight

Just remember one thing-


And my love is genuine.










TO the Girl:


I care so much about you

I care about you

More than I can say

And that caring and that feeling

Have a meaning that is more precious

And more special to me

Than I can explain

But let me try to tell this…

Saying “I care” means that I will always

Do everything I can to understand

It means that I will try to fix what I can,

That I will listen when you need me to hear,

And that- even in your most difficult moment

All you have to do is say the word,

And your hand & my hand

Will not be apart

It means that whenever you speak to me,

Whether words are spoken through a smile

Or through a tear

I will listen to my heart.

I do care about you

In a very special way





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