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its our senior year... final year in xuhs. goodluck to us!
nagbalhin na ug school si russell namalata and si shiori suetake.

the result of the search for mr. and ms. faber...

pasensiya na... kapos sa load... na bitin ang votes


aliza marie destreza - 2 votes

kaycy mumar - 5 votes

tizabelle centino - 2 votes

mark dexter elijah dizon - 4 votes

vincent john joseph quilab - 5 votes

gopaldas motoomull iii - 1 vote


The winner of mr. faber is Vincent John Joseph Quilab and for ms. faber is Kaycy Mumar !!! wala na gi-magic! tinuod na nga votes!

"I Love You" in different languages

tahitian - ua here au ia oe
hawaiian - Aloha wau ia 'oe
german - ich liebe dich
filipino - mahal kita
cebuano - gihigugma ko ikaw
chinese - wo ai ni
korean - saranghae
indonesian - saya cinta kamu
spanish - te amo
french - je t'aime
irish - taim i' ngra leat

gi-change na ang pagpili sa mr. and ms. faber nga contestants kay wla'y nagtxt so nagpili nlng...
F1 - Aliza Marie Destreza
F2 - Kaycy Mumar
F3 - Tizabelle Centino
M1 - Vincent John Joseph Quilab
M2 - Gopaldas Motoomull III
M3 - Mark Dexter Elijah Dizon
send lang ninyo sa number nako(krenz) inyong choice for ms. and mr... 09184585882

-3rd place Sabayang Pagbigkas
-3rd place Banner Making
-3rd place Biology Model Making
-3rd place Math Quiz Bee
-2nd place Verse Choir
-2nd place Biology Quiz Bee
-2nd place Elocution (Jon Ray & Jeda tied)

thanks for your time