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volleyball with maam lea and maam lady



the three piglets of the cass



sus ang mga turista nagposing-posing


jose gadian, mark dizon and marvin kiefer nag-una-una ug kaligo sa beach


whoopsie! kirk and jaybelle ha...


asil -- diving


woww! how sweet... sheena ayaw ka-ulaw sa camera!


newspaper dance... asil carried jaybelle para mka-stay pa sa game



halaka si maam anyl.. caught in the act! nag emote pagkanta ni chiery ug love moves...


halaka diha! dum-og gyud sa duha ka lechon! hala sige! ang mga kamot grabe na ka oily!



our moderator, maam anyl vi dadole, gave us an inspiring speech... see.. emotional na siya! kahilakon na siya... we're always here maam!


maam lea said "you're a good class" bisan sabaan mi and dili mi gpa-minaw sa iya! hahaha!


our student teacher in computer nga mura na ug among moderator. ga-tabang siya permi sa class especially sa among verse choir! grabe! we'll miss you maam novelyn chaves!


the last part of the outing. nagkuha mi ug stone and then nagwish mi and dungan namo gi-labay ang stone sa deep blue sea... naahh.. just joking. gi-labay namo sa beach. and shouted "aja!"


ooii... our beloved class beadle.


it's time to say goodbye!



last march 12, 2005 was our class farewell outing. we decided to hold the event at
midway white beach resort in initao and we also agreed that we will meet at xu main
5-6am but our moderator changed it to 6-7am. we left xu main at exactly 8am.[traveling
time: 1hour].. the teachers who helped and joined us were maam lea lilibeth emata,
maam lady, maam novelyn chaves(computer student tchr.), and our modereator, maam anyl
dadole. when we arrived there, the bulua gang(classmates from bulua) were already
there and while waiting for the other jeepney to arrive, the spiritual committee
prepared for the "amazing race" game. minutes after, the other jeepney finally
arrived. first, we gathered at the cottage to arrange our things and prepare the food
so that the program will run smoothly. after preparing and arranging, our moderator
gave us 20 mins. to settle everything while the boys were having fun sa beach and some
were staying in the tree house. after, we then started the program with jyle pielago
as the emcee. the invocation was lead by ma. jesshiela nicole corrales and the glee
club(chiery ladera, marc mondragon, kersy galinada, jon ray de lara, bimbo bautista,
mia pablo, andrea justiniano, paul labor) sang "panginoon turuan mo akong maging bukas
palad". then it was followed by the opening remarks of kersy wilcon galinada, the
president of 2faber, followed by asil kurundarath's "tomorrow(annie)". we then started
the games. first, the tomato dance. the pairs who danced were: asil kurundarath and
kaycy mumar, mia pablo and jose gadian, sheena mesias and dave mendoza, hazel barba
and bimbo bautista, andrea justiniano and jon ray de lara, gysyl parreņo and marvin
kiefer. it was followed by the newspaper dance. the pairs were: krenz yaba and chiery
ladera, gopaldas motoomull and jeda suyao, paul labor and erika correos, marc
mondragon and aimeelou demetrio, asil kurundarath and jaybelle uy. and then the
amazing race with 2 groups. after the games, the faberians needed to rest for awhile
so, we prepared little presentation. first, the elocution pieces of jeda suyao and jon
ray de lara. second, sketching.. aimeelou demetrio drew jose gadian drinking, gysyl
parreņo drew the beach, mikie endaya drew the big tree, asil kurundarath drew maam
anyl nga nag.emote while chiery was singing "love moves in mysterious ways". after the
sketching, sheena mesias sang while johanna was saying the lyrics. after the
singing2x, miguel dela cerna(yellow belter kunuhay) and nadine tiu(pink belter!!)
prepared for their taekwondo demo(si jag nag.tudlo). after their demo, we then
proceeded with lunch because almost all of the faberians eyes were looking at the 2
lechons in front of them. obviously, boys first after the girls.. so the boys were
waiting outside the cottage for the girls to be finished. jyle pielago was the first
to get the skin of the lechon while jeda suyao and iris tongco were having a good time
getting the ribs(the yummiest! part) of the lechon and jesshiela corrales accidentally
threw her spaghetti and asil found the shrimp roll not that tasty not like erika
correos who enjoyed eating the shrimp rolls. and then the boys' turn. when the boys
were off to their table, some of the girls got back to the table to take their second
round then we found out the both of the lechon were out of ribs! maybe the boys got
them. after the lunch, we rested for maybe 10-15 mins. and changed to our swimming
attire. the boys wore their swimming shorts slash trunks and the girls wore their tank
top&under but some still wore t-shirts and shorts. we didn't realized that their
swimming pool was actually deep but bearable. almost all of the students went under
the pool and they were: jeda, gysyl, tizabelle, sheena, jeshley, leslie, dizon, bodi,
michelle, iris, jaybelle, denise, jose, dave, marvin, kevin, kirk, bimbo, kersy,
nadine, asil, johanna, andrea, jon ray, jyle, vincent. others wanted to join us in the
pool but then they forgot to bring extra's... 2-3 hrs. after, we were called by our
moderator to proceed with the letter giving and to the speech2x effect from the
teachers who were there and some of the class officers which led us to tears and hugs.
after the drama effect, tizabelle centino sang "the journey".. and then we went to the
island effect of midway with each student holding a stone slash coral. and all of us
made a wish and threw the stone/coral to the beach and shouted "aja!!". then we drove
back to xu main but some students, kirk,jyle,hazel,iris, the bulua gang were dropped
to their houses.while traveling, kevin delos santos(from the other jeepney) sent us a
dramatic/touching message through johanna's cellphone. it was such a perfect and nice
farewell outing that everyone can surely remember and treasure.

special thanks to the spiritual committee headed by krenz yaba for the preparation of the program as well as the games.

thanks for your time